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Posted by TallyFox on 30 June 2015
When Arthur Tansley, a British botanist, gave a definition of an ecosystem, he probably didn’t think that he would be also describing and predicting a strategic planning model called a business ecosystem. Even though this concept is not new today, as it was first mentioned in a 1993 Harvard Business review article, it is now, in the 21 century, that businesses realise that creating a business ecosystem or being a part of one is what is necessary to succeed. The key catalyst of the development of business ecosystems was technology. Digitization, connectivity, and new models of collaboration have reshaped the core structures of the industrial economy, as many boundaries blur and dissolve...
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Posted by TallyFox on 24 June 2015
Knowledge is a critical asset. Tools and platforms that encourage creation and dissemination of knowledge empower all of us to collaborate and communicate productively. As time goes on and business landscape changes, individuals, teams and businesses are looking for ways to invent new knowledge and reuse a body of knowledge, but do you understand what is knowledge sharing? We seek Anywhere and Anytime in business.  Networking and exchanging ideas is possible due to technology and seamless access to valuable data and content. How? Anywhere and Anytime are achievable within open virtual environment. Knowledge networks are the virtual environments that enable result-driven...
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Posted by TallyFox on 12 June 2015
If you are a part of a business oriented social network such as LinkedIn or a  knowledge network, such as The Water Network, as a user, you strive to network with people from your goal group.   SmartMatchPro™is our proprietary algorithm which makes that possible by suggesting people and content relevant to you, using a mix of industry expertise and experience, personal interests, geography or community engagement.   How exactly does it work? SmartMatchPro™ includes multiple vocabularies and facets and learns from user’s input, what they do or don’t do, and rates its relevancy.   If something was or wasn’t relevant, SmartMatchPro™ will...
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Posted by TallyFox on 03 June 2015
A vibrant tech culture is growing in France - the increasing number of start-ups are participating in major international accelerators and more and more start-ups are exploring both Silicon Valley and other international markets.  In the last couple of years, things have started to accelerate in the French start-up scene.  Moreover, with 1000startups project, initiated by one of the famous French entrepreneur Xavier Niel, the city of Paris will house the world's largest digital business incubator in 2016. But, if you want to start up business in France, where should you start? Which incubators can empower your idea?  Several French incubators have gained a good reputation...

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