TallyFox Tallium is a business ecosystem platform created to facilitate knowledge sharing, content management and communication.


We live in a knowledge-based economy. Those who master the skill to share experiences and knowledge have the greatest success. If you want to benefit from the expertise within your  business, you need TallyFox Tallium.


We provide a unique way to improve knowledge exchange with your business to:

  • Break information silos
  • Get answers fast
  • Quickly find information
  • Discover experts
  • Avoid e-mail overload

You can create your own Business Knowledge Ecosystem in order to foster fresh ideas, solving problems, while creating bonds for your customers and stakeholders.

And that is what will make you invincible.

How Do We Do It?

Our proprietary algorithm SmartMatchPro™ and our infrastructure.

Features are configurable to your use case. Knowledge is free to flow where it is needed, right now, from anywhere in the world.

  • SmartMatchPro™
    Our proprietary algorithm promotes content related to your expertise and interests
  • Three Level Taxonomy
    Your industry’s taxonomies can be structured to fit your needs
  • Configurable
    The platform is designed to be adaptable and can easily fit any use case
  • Open Knowledge
    Our non-siloed approach to knowledge sharing increases user activity
  • Multiple Vocabularies
    Each vocabulary tags one aspect of your content, increasing accuracy
  • User friendly Interface
    The platform is easy to use, straightforward and well organised
  • Ranking
    Member’s rank displays their level of experience and community Tally
  • Open API
    High performance API makes integration of applications a breeze
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Intelligent Technology with SmartMatchPro™

  • TallyFox Tallium is very intuitive in its way to help a member get an answer to a query and we have developed mechanisms which make it very simple to share news, interesting content, documents, and to find it later.
  • Our algorithm SmartMatchPro™ calculates relevance and connects people based on their shared interests and suggests content associated with their specific interests and know-how. The architecture supports multiple levels of access rights hosted in a secure private cloud.

Discover people and content relevant to you

  • Discover Experts:

    Relevant people automatically highlighted, and suggested based on your interests.

  • Get Answers:

    Find correct answers to your questions, or be notified when you're the expert.

  • Discover Content:

    Ranked and relevant content is suggested (e.g. documents, articles, work groups, discussions...)

Other great stuff to love

    • Multiple levels of privacy
    • Custom roles & themes
    • High security backup
    • Multi-media library with document preview
    • Q&A with expert matching and relevance
    • Event registration
    • Integrated messaging
    • Organizations pages – for free or you decide fee
    • Mobile apps for IOS, Android and Windows

TallyFox Tallium is a flexible platform, delivered in two options: Tallium Community or Tallium Network. Start fast with one Community or multiple teams and link them into one Network with ease as you grow.

Get Intelligence. Get Answers. Get Tallium.

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