SmartMatchPro™, a Revolution In Collaboration Industry

If you are a part of a business oriented social network such as LinkedIn or a  knowledge network, such as The Water Network, as a user, you strive to network with people from your goal group.
SmartMatchPro™is our proprietary algorithm which makes that possible by suggesting people and content relevant to you, using a mix of industry expertise and experience, personal interests, geography or community engagement.
How exactly does it work?
SmartMatchPro™ includes multiple vocabularies and facets and learns from user’s input, what they do or don’t do, and rates its relevancy.
If something was or wasn’t relevantSmartMatchPro™ will learn from it and take it into consideration as well.
How will this benefit you?
If you would like to post a question, rather than making you go through many steps to check if your questions have already been answered, it will find related questions while you are creating the post and speed up finding the answers.
SmartMatchPro™ will also rank the answers and you will be able to find the most relevant one immediately.
If you would like to talk to, interview or just find an expert in a certain area, SmartMatchPro™  will make that possible as well.
If you think that being notified each time someone likes a photo clutters the really important notifications, but you don’t want to turn them off completely, but rather have them somehow organised. Well, SmartMatchPro™ does that by getting them prioritised.
Ok, you’ve got me. I think SmartMatchPro is awesome. Why would I use TallyFox platforms over the other collaboration platforms I know exist?
Well, exciting things have been happening at TallyFox. We are now reinventing our platforms and offering you beautiful design keeping the features you’ve loved from the old platforms and adding new ones.
What do we value?
The benefits that our software offers are primarily on an individual level, personalised with SmartMatchPro™, visually clear and impressive.
Your team!
The focus here is knowledge. What if you need a person to organise an event, and you found out that Mary from HR has experience in this? Would you still outsource the task? Your employees have many hobbies and tons of past experience, but you might not know that. That’s why knowledge needs to be mapped.
Your Community!
We’ve created our platform to be really easy to set up, without any tech support. We are very proud of our bespoke features:  autotagging, custom taxonomies APIs and platform layout.
If you would like to find out more about our reinvented collaboration software and knowledge networks, write to us at


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