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Posted by TallyFox on 15 March 2016
Tallium, as a highly configurable platform with API-based architecture is easily adapted to many particular use cases. If you are looking for a platform that will not be used solely in your organization, but will be open to people outside of it, in this post you will find out more about The Water Network and the way they configured Tallium to fit their use case. Vishakha Rajput, COO of The Water Network agreed to share this information to help other Tallium users create a successful knowledge network. Let us first start with a couple of sentences regarding The Water Network. The vision of The Water Network is to provide an innovative solution to the global water crisis by...
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Posted by Michael Van Rheenen on 07 March 2016
At ​​TallyFox we have a Vision to ​​“​​Bring ​​together ​​the ​​collective ​​​​intelligence of ​​​​professionals ​​​​to create a ​​​​better ​​​​future”. ​​​​Our solution ​​is  ​​a ​​contextual ​​​​knowledge ​​​​sharing ​​​​platform to ​​​​make it happen. ​​​​Drupal was ​a perfect fit for ​​​​what we ​​​​envisioned.​​ ​ ​​ ​ ​   Our journey ​from a Drupal ​CMS-based, ​knowledge ​sharing ​platform to an ​API-based ​architecture, ​knowledge ​sharing ​platform has given us incredible insight into the industry, ​and we would ​like to share ​it with you. ​ So let’s go.   When we were ​​​first ​designing ​​a ​solution, Drupal was THE best way to go. ​​​After all, ​when ​​it...

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