The Ultimate List Of Free Collaboration Software

The need for collaboration software is huge, as more and more companies are present in multiple cities, or even multiple countries, and that is not the only use of such software. An online collaboration software can increase your productivity, help you organise your work and your time and yield better results.
Almost every collaboration software has a free version, and we have created a list of all the collaboration software we could find, whether they are similar to us or not, to see if they have a free version and what it offers.
When it comes to our collaboration software, Cluster, we offer a free version for 5 accounts, 3GB of storage and fifteen features among whom are : Content management, Project Management, Knowledge Management, Wikis, Messaging, Social, Mapping, Security levels and role based access rights and Secure Cloud hosting. You can find out more on the product here and on the benefits and pricing here
So, what do others offer?
123 Flash Chat software is a multi-language collaboration software focused around communication, integrating video and audio chat, conferencing, mobile etc. Their paid options are operator based, and they allow a free, 15-day trial.
4Projects is an online collaborative project management software for building and infrastructure, and their prices are quote based. They don't offer a free version of the software, the but there is a demo option available upon request.
5pm is a project and task management app to keep track of your projects and tasks, notes and files with your co-workers and clients. A free, 14-day trial is available.
8Force  is a cloud-based system that provides CRM, invoice, social intranet, and helpdesk automation. Tablets and iPhone compatible. 8Force is currently in private beta
AAPO Social Workspace is a cloud-based workspace for collaborating, communicating and worforce with features like milestones, teams, file sharing etc. A free trial is available.
AceProject is a web-based collaboration software for project management. Their free version includes 5 users, 50 tasks, 2 projects and 250 Mb of space.
AchieveIt provides leaders with the visibility and the capacity to coordinate their organizations to drive results. A free demo is available.
Agent GovCon is a  fully integrated, DCAA compliant business management system with financial management for Government Contractors. Their prices are quote based and they offer a free demo
Alfresco is a free/libre enterprise content management system for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems and their price is based on a quote. They don't have a free option.
Asana is a web and mobile application designed to help teams communicate and collaborate. They have a free, basic option for under 15 members and a premium option.
Accellion in-the-Cloud is a mobile content platform that enables secure access and sharing of enterprise content  They offer two paid options, custom pricing and free trial.
Arkadin Global Conferencing provide customized collaboration solutions for phone and web conferencing. Their pricing options are tailored to your needs. 
Asite Adoddle helps people share information and build knowledge in a secure environment in the cloud. They offer only paid options. 
Assembla is a set of cloud-based task and code management tools for software developers, and their free option includes a free SVN, Git & Perforce Repositories, one Space, unlimited users, unlimited repositories and 1 GB storage. Each Perforce repository includes 17 users, up to 20 depots and 1000 files.
Atlassian Confluence is a web-based team and content collaboration software. They do not offer a free option, only a free trial.
Atmail is a full server/client groupware software based on CalDAV, offering e-mail solutions to service providers. They do not have a free version, only a trial version.
AT&T Connect is a collaborative business conferencing tool with the benefit of conferencing while you're mobile and to integrate your email and scheduling portals. For prices you will have to contact their sales representative.
Auralink is a web based video conferencing tool, which ensures  communication, simple connection establishment with customers, colleagues and associates. There is a free trial available after subscription. 
Axigen is a messaging and collaborating software used on Linux. They offer a variety of messaging options for a free trial and a free mail server for 100 email users & 5 calendaring users for download.
Azeus Convene is a board portal for iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and web that streamlines the entire board meeting process to save time, effort & cost whilst ensuring accountability and good corporate governance. Their prices are quote based.
Basecamp is a web-based project collaboration and management software and they offer only paid versions with an option of a 60 day trial period.
BamBam! Has in store some useful features such as attaching files, keeping your schedule in order, adding labels, formatting content, highlighting the important parts of the contents in communication and other useful features. BamBam! offers 14 days  free trial, and free Start-up plan for up to 10 users with all options a pro plan has.
Bantu is a web-based instant messaging solution for enterprises with highly secure information sharing. It has delivered collaboration platforms and services for the private sector and federal government. Prices are available upon contact. is a collaborative web conferencing software. They offer a two week free trial and four paid options with all features available, distinguished by the number of attendees. 
Binfire is a web-based project collaboration and management software with only paid versions offered
Bitrix24 is a web-based business collaboration platform offering social intranet, task and project management. Their free option includes 12 employees and 5 GB of storage, with no external users and an option to buy access for more employees if necessary.

Blue Jeans Video Conferencing allows you to meet with other participants for face-to-face video meetings from a wide range of platforms and devices include web browsers, room systems, desktop applications and mobile devices. They only have paid options, but they offer a  free trial.  

Box is a web-based collaboration and content management software for enterprises. They offer a free option called Personal which allows one user, 10 GB secure storage with 250 MB file upload size.
BSCW offers (as the name states) Basic Support for Collaborative Work. It is either self hosted or cloud based and you can download a free 90 day trial. 
Cadac Organice is a SharePoint based document management and collaboration software for engineering companies. There isn't a clear pricing plan so we assume that it is quote based.
Calliflower is a Web-based software for meetings which allows team document sharing, synchronous conferencing, online chat, whiteboarding etc. Their only free option is called CalliGo and offers a 4.5¢/min Worldwide Calling and 
6.9¢/min Toll Free, but they do have a free two-week trial for other options.
Caboh’s features include task ad resource sharing within teams, visibility of company activities, open communication between employees, and quick access to information in a personalized virtual environment. There is no free package, but there is a 30 day free trial.  
Celoxis is a web-based project management and collaboration software for managing complex project portfolios
and processes. They only have paid options but allow a free 30 day trial.
Centroy is a secure online team collaboration portal for businesses to use as an intranet, extranet or a virtual data room. They have four paid options and allow a free 30-day trial.
cineSync is a real-time synchronised video review software. They have only paid options but allow a 7 day trial.
Clarizen offer different work collaboration solutions for different work groups: marketing teams, IT teams etc. They have only paid options but allow a free 30 day trial.
ClickHome is a collaborative software for the construction industry provided as app and web-based office product. They offer a personalised demonstration.
Clinked is a cloud-based collaboration tool for managing projects and data management. They are free for up to 3 users.
Collaba is an integrated collaboration and communication platform server software and they have only paid options.
CollaborateCloud is cloud-based platform for data collaboration & workflows, and they are free for up to five users.
Collabtive is a free open source software for distributed teams, which you can extend with paid plugins. 
ConceptDraw Office is a collaborative software suite composed of mind mapping, project management and business diagramming tools. You can download a free 21-day trial, other options are paid.
Concursive is web-based and offers mobile tools for socially enabled project management, customer support and business directories. They only offer paid options.
Convo software features quick picture, document and link sharing, easy content search of previous discussion, team chat and focus conversation. Convo’s Basic plan is free for up to 50 users.
CoMotion is a multi-tiered client–server collaborative workspace system, available for purchase upon contact.
Comidor is a software suite of various business tools that cover collaboration, project management, CRM, accounting, file sharing, BPM and BI. It is a cloud solution, but can also be implemented on-premise. There is a full 15 days trial including all the modules plus its mobile app.
Composica is a web-based authoring solution for interactive e-Learning content and collaboration. This software provides a 30-day free trial.
Contactizer Pro represents decentralized collaborative sharing of contacts, tasks and events, for Mac OS X. They sell licences without a free option.
Creately is an online diagramming software used by teams around the world to communicate more effectively. They have a free option which allows up to five public diagrams and three collaborators on one project. The diagrams are full featured.
Debategraph is a web-based, collaborative software for idea visualization and deliberation. You can use their mapping system for free.
Deskaway is a web-based based project management and collaboration tool; enables small businesses and teams to organize, manage and track their work. They have four paid plans and a full-featured 30-day free trial. 
DropTask is a a web-based visual task management application designed to provide task clarity. They have a free option with some features for up to five projects and a maximum of two members per project.
Drum is a web collaboration software with document sharing. There is a demo available upon request.
EMC Documentum eRoom is a collaborative software for mid businesses provided via browser as on-premise or hosted. They have a paid option and a free, 21 day trial.
eXo Platform is an open source enterprise social platform. Their cloud version is free and offers all the features and up to 5 GB of storage, after that, the price increases as you add more users.
Eylean Board is a project and collaboration management tool. They offer licences for a minimum of 5 users and three months for the "Team Edition" but their "Personal Edition" with some features is free for download.
Fabasoft Folio Cloud is cloud DMS for organisations with hybrid cloud and data residency option. Their both options are paid, but the Professional option has a free trial and contains most of the features the Enterprise edition has.
Feng Office is a web-based collaboration software (web office) which offers project management, web document management and CRM. They only offer paid options, but a free trial is available
FirstClass is a client/server groupware focusing on teamwork, communication and information accessibility. Their prices are available upon request.
FMYI is a web-based, CRM and extranet for small to large size teams. they have three paid options and a free, 30 day trial, for each one of them.
Framebench is cloud-based, real-time visual workflow platform, available for free sign up.
Fuze Box is a web-based, desktop and mobile client server software for conducting meetings (voice, video, screen sharing, file sharing). Their free version includes 3 Participants, 3 Video streams, Cloud content, Screen share, Unlimited VoIP and a 30 day pro package trial.
GForge Advanced Server offers distributed software development as a web based platform. They have two paid options but organizations evaluating GForge Advanced Server can use it for free. The default license key is good for up to 15 active users. 
GlobalMeet is a web conferencing software created to share presentations easily and collaborate with large groups online. They offer a free 30-day trial with unlimited web and audio conferencing, a personal, permanent meeting room URL for meetings with up to 125 participants. No software downloads for guests who join the meeting.
Glip collaboration app is designed to improve productivity by integrating task management, video conferencing, scheduling etc. They have a free option for 5GB storage, up to 500 minutes in video chat, limited admin functions and five external integrations. Other paid options are calculated per capita.
Google Apps offers web-based real-time collaboration: document, spreadsheet, presentation editing and more. It is free.
Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service which enables user cloud storage, file sharing and collaborative editing. It is free.
Google Sites is a structured wiki- and web page-creation tool offered by Google as part of the Google Apps productivity suite. It is free.
GoToMeeting is designed to help organize and attend online meetings. The software is free for up to three people.
GrexIt is an email-based collaboration tool for Google Apps. They offer three paid packages and one free which includes 3 shared labels, sharing up to 25 emails a day, 10 shared notes a day and three users.
Group-Office groupware and CRM is an open source web-based groupware and CRM application. They offer a 30 day trial for their cloud version.
Groupiful is a web-based project management software for teams with task management, file sharing, event scheduling etc. They offer four paid options but allow you to create a free account. There is no data on what the free account offers, but the next one in line offers 10 projects, 10 users per project, 1 GB total storage and is billed annually.
GroveSite is a web-based collaboration suite with document sharing, file libraries, discussion threads etc. They offer four paid options but do allow a 15 day trial. is a web-based collaboration software, group chat, video chat, file sharing, one-on-one chat etc. It is free for teams, but enterprise and departments have to pay.
HighQ Collaborate offers secure document exchange, enterprise social collaboration, client extranets and knowledge portals for organisations. They only offer paid options and a free demo.
Hot Project - Pulse is a compilation of task management, project management, and document management tools for online collaboration workflow. They have two templated paid options and one that will be tailored to your needs. They offer a free demo and a money back guarantee.
Huddle is a secure web-based content management and content collaboration platform for enterprises and governments. They offer three paid options and a free demo.
Hyperoffice is a web-based online collaboration software offering messaging and project management for small to medium-sized firms. They offer only paid options but each one has a free trial.
IBM Collaboration Solutions deliver business collaboration software and solutions. Their prices are quote based.
iCoordinator is an online collaboration software which includes documents and content management , planning, and coordination functionality. There is a free option, and two paid options, for teams and businesses.
idiligo business is a collaborative software and a  way to show & share information in an online meeting. No downloads necessary. They offer a 30 day test without obligations.
iMeet is a web conferencing software, available as an app for iPhone and iPad. You can to start or join a meeting, meet in video and share a presentation right from your mobile device. They offer a free trial.
InMotion is an online content review and approval management solution for brands, agencies, media groups, publishers & printers. Their pricing model is tailored to your needs
InLoox is a collaboration software which offers web-based and on-premise solutions, supports task management, document management, and workflow. They offer two paid options and you can download a free, 30 day trial.
Jama Contour is a web-based collaborative platform used for to define, build and test complex products and applications. Their prices are quote based. is a web based collaboration software for online meetings. The unlimited audio option is available in 40 countries worldwide and a free trial is available as well
Jive is a commercial Java EE-based Enterprise 2.0 collaboration and knowledge management tool. They offer three packages and their prices are quote-based.
Kerio Connect is a multiplatform mail and groupware server. They have four paid options and offer a free trial.
Knowledge Plaza is a web-based social knowledge management tool. If you are interested, they offer a free demo. The software is in french.
KnowledgeTree is an online document management and collaboration for mid-market businesses and enterprises. They offer three paid options and a free demo.
Kolab is a security-focused Open Source groupware collaboration solution with web client, CalDAV and ActiveSync and its own native client. Kolab is made up of several components, each individually available for free. 
Kune is a free/open-source distributed social network focused on collaboration. If Kune is right for you, consider collaborating or donating to its community. 
Liferay is a web content management and social collaboration platform. It is available for a free trial.
LiquidPlanner is a collaboration platform with wiki-like pages which offers document sharing and Twitter-like commenting. They have three paid options and allow a free trial for each one of them.
LogicalDOC is an on-line and on-premises document management system with collaboration and workflow features. They offer a 30 day evaluation version.
LucidChart, collaborative diagramming and website/software prototyping, supports real-time collaboration, built on web standards. They have three paid options with a free 14 day trial and offer a free version which allows 60 objects per document, 25Mb of storage and an extensive shape library.
MangoApps is a social collaboration network that combines Employee Social Networking, team collaboration tools and intranet, their free version is for an unlimited number of users, 1GB of storage per user; US Datacenter Only. Most of the features are available. They also offer free trial for their business and enterprise edition.
Mavenlink is a web-based project collaboration and management software. They offer a free, 10 day trial for teams.
MeisterTask is mobile and web based collaboration software. It has flexible and customizable dashboards and covers various functionalities. For the price of the software, you need to contact the support directly, but MeisterTask's mobile app for iPhone and iPad is free.
Meeting Sphere is a collaboration software created to make meetings more efficient. There is a 30 day free trial; however it comes with some restrictions.
Microsoft SharePoint  is a web application framework and platform. SharePoint integrates intranet, content management, document management etc. Pricing is not fixed.
Mindjet is a mindmapping software containing collaborative project management, social task management and cloud-based file sharing. They offer a free trial.
MatchWare is a mindmapping software for collaborative project management and cloud-based file sharing. They offer a free trial and paid option for every need.
MindMeister is a collaborative mindmapping software that supports teamwork. Their basic option is free and contains up to 3 mind maps and an ability to share, collaborate and import. All their paid options have a free trial as well.
Mikogo is an HTML based viewer which allows participants to join meetings directly through a web browser, and they work on all devices. Their free account allows unlimited meetings, unlimited VoIP and phone conferencing. Additional features are available for paid options
Mixedink, combines collaborative editing and voting on the best version of the content written. They have two paid options that contain all features and a free option that allows max active groups and max user accounts (without the added features).
MovableType is a weblog publishing system. They only offer paid options.
Nefsis is a multi-party online collaboration and video conferencing software for businesses. They are offering a free trial and two quote based paid options.
Novell GroupWise is a messaging and collaboration platform which supports email, calendaring, personal information management, instant messaging, and document management. You can get a personalised quote or buy the licence right up. No free option.
Oogwave is an enterprise social network and collaboration software. They have paid options and a free account for up to 5 users and 10 GB of file storage space.
Oracle Beehive, combines email, team collaboration, and conferencing in one collaboration platform. It is free to download.
omNovia Technologies is an online meeting platform for collaborative meetings, e-learning, interactive training sessions. They offer a free 21 day trial.
OnStream Meetings is a professional service for conducting everyday Web meetings. There are two paid options, but a free 30 day trial is available for up to 20 participants.
OpenProject is an open source project collaboration suite, free for download and demo.
O3Spaces Workplace is a web 2.0 document management & web collaboration solution with template based deployments and LDAP connectivity. Their price is quote based.
PabloDraw is a collaborative text and ANSI/ASCII vector graphic art editor and viewer with multi-user capabilities. It is free for download and you can donate back if you'd like.
PC-Duo provides fast and reliable PC-PC remote control and remote access over LAN/WAN and internet connections. They offer a demo upon request, and the download is free. 
Pidoco is a cloud-based collaboration tool used to create, share, test website and mobile app UI prototypes. They offer 4 paid versions and a free trial for each one of those.
Pivotal Tracker  is an agile project management tool that enables real-time collaboration around a shared, prioritised backlog.
They offer a 60 day unlimited, free trial.
Planbox is a web-based agile project management tool with team collaboration features: comments, file sharing, feedback management etc. Their prices are used based and it is free for up to two users.
Podio is a  web based collaborative platform with workspaces, tasks per community members and app market. It has three paid options and one free. The option is free for up to 5 employees and 5 users and has most of the features.
PortalsXpress provide the highest level of security for your clients' documents, making it easy for you to share information with each of your clients. Their pricing model is based upon client's needs and functionalities included.
Powersim ExTrain is a collaborative virtual practice field for managers. Provides simulations training and leadership development conditions to build managers' leadership capacity, enhance business acumen, and gain a more cross-functional and enterprise-level view. For pricing you should contact their sales team. is an open source project management software with document, task, and project sharing and collaboration. They offer a free trial.
Projectplace is an online collaboration tool providing project management, document collaboration & communication. They have a free option with KanBan like features and an option to try the Team option for free.
ProjectManager is an online project management software with collaboration features for teams. They have three paid option and each one is available for a free, 30 day trial.
ProjectWise, a suite of project information management and collaboration software and services from Bentley Systems designed for the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) industries and infrastructure owner-operators. Pricing information available upon request.
ProTasker is a task management software and is available for free trial.
ProtoShare is a web-based collaborative prototyping and review tool for interactive projects. They offer three paid options and each one is available for a free 30 day trial.
ProofHub is a web-based project management software that helps to manage, discuss and communicate projects with team at central place. A free, 30 day trial is available.
Pyrus is a web based collaboration software  for task management. It is free for up to 12 users.
Redbooth is a web based platform for teams and companies to collaborate, communicate in real time, and be more productive. Their prices are user based, annually billed and they offer three pricing plans with a 30 day trial on two of them. 
RelateIQ is  a web-based relationship intelligence platform that enables teams to track, share, and analyze shared relationships. They offer three paid options and each one is available for a free 30 day trial.
Retroshare is an open-source cross-platform and also a Friend-2-Friend and secure decentralised communication platform. It is free download.
Saros is a collaborative text editing for distributed party programming; and free.
Sharetronix is a web-based private social network. They offer a standard and a commercial licence, the standard licence is free, but you have to pay for a web hosting plan.
Silverpeas is a customizable Java-based collaborative platform. It enables the quick set-up of an Intranet and CACW (Computer assistated collaborative work) tools and gives centralised access to business applications. They have three paid options, but they offer a free trial if you want to see it work.
Sitrion is an enterprise collaboration platform and their prices are calculated based on your needs.
Smart Meeting Pro is a collaborative meeting software, free for download.
Smart Bridgit is a  data conferencing software with two paid options.
Smartsheet is a web-based workflow, collaboration management software. They have four paying options with a free 30 day trial for the first three options, Basic, Advanced and Team. Enterprise option is quote based.
Socialtext is a suite of web-based social software applications. It is free to try for 30 days.
SpiraTeam is an integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) system that manages your project's requirements, releases, test cases, issues and tasks in one unified environment. They offer a free three user 30-day trial hosted account. Paid options are calcuated on a per user basis.
SpringCM is an enterprise content management company which provides cloud document management and workflow solutions for businesses and other organizations. Their product works on Salesforce or SpringCM platform and all options are paid. You can request a free demo.
Stackfield is a collaborative software with messaging, file sharing, task management and scheduling options among others. Highest data protection with true end-to-end encryption is their USP. Their free version 1GB storage, files of maximum 10MB, up to 3 stack folders and all apps available for pro option as well
SubEthaEdit is a collaborative text editing on Mac OS X. It is a paid option.
SuccessFactors provides cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software. The software integrates onboarding, social business and collaboration tools, a learning management system (LMS) etc. They offer a free demo and full pricing is available upon request.
Synovel Collabsuite is an open source Linux mail server with calendaring and chat features. It comes in two editions - Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Community Edition is free.
Teamware Office is a collaborative application suite available on Solaris, Linux and Windows platforms which facilitates time & document management and discussion forums. Prices are available upon contact.
Teamwork is a cross-platform software which integrates project management, issue tracking, groupware etc. They have 4 paid options.
TeamWox is a web-based collaboration software with file storage, email client, contact book, bagtracking, IP PBX, chat and forum. The software is paid but there is a 60 days trial period.
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is the Free/Libre/Open Source Web Application with the most built-in features. Available for free download.
TitanFile is a web-based enterprise-level secure file sharing with a focus on people and interests. They have a free 30 day trial for both paid options.
tmsEKP is a suite of collaboration software which enables organizations to create, exchange and manage information across a single business-centric workspace, generating knowledge connectivity. Pricing and demo are available upon request.
Tonido Workspace is a cross-platform collaborative software, synchronizes workspaces, allows web-based guest access. It is free for home and small office use.
TrackerSuite.Net is a web based, modular software business suite. It provides integrated Web applications that simplify project management, time, purchasing, HR, IT, CRM and more. A demo is available upon request.
Traction TeamPage is an enterprise social software product. There are only three paid options, but a free trial is available. 
Trello is a free web-based project management application, but there is a paid option available, Trello Gold.
TWiki is a Perl-based structured wiki application, typically used to run a collaboration platform, knowledge or document management system, a knowledge base, or team portal. It is free and any contributions are welcomed.
Unison is a private group sharing tool, with text, audio, video collaboration options. They have three paid options and a free option with all core features included.
Voxwire Web Conferencing is a web conferencing with video teleconferencing and audio chat capabilities. You are able to share desktop, whiteboards, record meetings etc. They offer four paid option. Product is available for tour and demo.
VIA3 Secure is a web-based collaboration software which provides encrypted collaboration with live video, telephone-quality audio, IM, whiteboards, information sharing & storage. They offer a 15 day trial. 
VSee, video conferencing tool with screen share, annotation and file sending capabilities. Every pricing option has a free trial, and only enterprise video chat has a free basic option which includes unlimited group video, instant messaging, file sending, HIPAA Secure, 1 screen share a day but without technical support.
WebEx gives us web-based collaboration tool. They offer a free basic plan with a 14 day premium plan trial and paid options.
Web Suite Pro is a cloud-based suite of apps that provide a secure and easy business solution with no add-ons required. You are able to track both staff and client project times, expenses, taxes, and tasks efficiently. A free trial is available.
Wiggio is a web-based, group collaboration software. It's free.
Wimi is a simple online file sharing and project management software. There are three paid options available with a 14 day trial.
Workspot enables companies to securely deliver business applications and data to mobile devices using a 100% cloud solution. 
Pilot edition is free up to 10 users for 30 days and includes all features.
Wrike is an interactive, web-based tool for project management and collaboration. It is free
for up to five users who need basic task management with limited planning and reporting.
Xait is a web-based document collaboration software with integrated workflow, for enterprise and SMEs. There is a free trial option available for the software.
Yammer is an enterprise and team collaboration software and private social network. There is a free account available.
Zimbra is an open source unified collaboration platform for messaging, social and sharing. There is a free trial for Email and Collaborate option including an open source email and collaboration solution, Zimbra mobile and customer support and also a free edition of Build a Social Network which is a private social networking and online community solution, with full suite of social applications and built-in social analytics. Other options are paid.
Zing Technologies: AnyZing and ZingThing, electronic learning and meeting system software for team rooms and networks. Rates are available upon request.
The list will be updated constantly, and if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment.


Missing Silverpeas in the the ultimate list of free collaboration software ... Regards
Hi! Can we throw Mikogo's hat in the ring for free screen sharing software? Check us out at Thanks! Andrew
Hi guys, Thanks so much for mentioning MindMeister and MeisterTask! Just wanted to add that MeisterTask is currently completely free (with unlimited projects and users), but we will add a paid plan later this year that will add some power-ups for teams who want the extra kick. All our mobile apps for MindMeister and MeisterTask are free :)
Hi guys, Thanks so much for mentioning MindMeister and MeisterTask! Just wanted to add that MeisterTask is currently completely free (with unlimited projects and users), but we will add a paid plan later this year that will add some power-ups for teams who want the extra kick. All our mobile apps for MindMeister and MeisterTask are free :)
Thanks so much for including Glip on your list. If you plan on adding links to the service, please use
Collaboration has always been one of those factors that drive a team’s performance. How quickly can a target be achieved when people are clear of what their colleagues are doing and also about their contribution to achieve the target? And they can now be clear about who they will have to approach to get their queries cleared or just ask the query and have it answered by any of their colleagues.

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