The most popular blogs and online communities for cloud professionals

Cloud computing and the cloud industry, like all enterprise technology, is changing rapidly; it is critical and important to monitor the latest developments.

Many websites, publications and blogs are dedicated to covering and analysing the cloud industry, thus, we have compiled a list of blogs and online communities that are providing the latest cloud techniques and technologies, trends and cloud-computing insights and information. 

If you are interested in cloud computing, you would want to learn from thought leaders and experts, and visit blogs and websites that are updated regularly and enterprise-oriented; if so, you should start with these resources. 

Cloud Ave

Cloud Ave is cloud focused site, which gathers around fifteen cloud experts that contribute to the blog. The topics on all things cloud are not only insightful but also up to date and business oriented. These knowledgeable contributors write on many important topics related to cloud computing which are relevant not only to cloud professionals but to anyone who wishes to get better insight about the cloud industry.


CloudTweaks, established in 2009, is a community of diverse range of contributors that offer great resources and information on everything related to the cloud industry. The blog is a good source of information for start-ups that wish to utilize cloud solutions and grow their businesses. CloudTweaks blog is recognized as one of the leading websites in cloud computing information.

Cloud Computing

If you are familiar with the cloud industry, you certainly know InfoWorld’s cloud expert David Linthicum and his blog. Cloud Computing is a well-known resource for anyone interested in the cloud, and a great source of information, from enterprise security to cloud-focused information. This blog is a top resource for all cloud experts or those interested in cloud computing.

Diversity Limited

Diversity Limited is Ben Kepes’s blog, who is an investor and business advisor, a contributor to The Guardian and ReadWriteWeb, and a Forbes columnist.  His expertise extends to enterprise software, infrastructure and technology enabled by the cloud. His insights and timely cloud information provided on his blog are great source of information for both large and small organizations. He is also an active member of Clouderati, a global group of Cloud thought leaders.


Bob Warfield founded SmoothSpan blog in 2007 for “Executives, Entrepreneurs and other Digerati”.  The blog is focused on technology and cutting-edge businesses that are changing the world of software. SmoothSpan is good source of relevant information related to cloud, strategy and business. If you are interested in exploring the world of software through Open Source, Cloud, Mobile Computing and more, visit this blog for great insights.


Lydia Leong, an analyst at Gartner, covers cloud computing, hosting, data centres, infrastructure services, and other related technology topics, with focus on infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and content delivery networks (CDNs). She is also an adviser for mid-sized business, enterprise, and tech companies.

A Software Insider’s Point of View

Authored by Ray Wang, the popular business strategy and technology blog examines the effect that technologies have on business and emerging business models. The topics include SaaS and Cloud solutions, social CRM, Project Based Solutions, Order Management, Master Data Management, and other, all relevant for professionals interested to improve knowledge and stay up to date with the latest trends and solutions in disruptive technologies.


Cloudbooks is a community that brings together cloud professionals, experts, and thought leaders to share their experience and insight on cloud computing. The website provides many resources such as events, products, research projects, podcast, reports, news articles and more, creating great educational resources for all those who seek better knowledge of the cloud industry.

Rational Survivability

With 20 years of experience in information security architecture, engineering, product management, marketing and all things cloud, Chris Hoff’s blog offers great commentary and information. Rational Survivability is a place where you can learn a lot about cloud security given Hoff is a founding member and technical advisor to the Cloud Security Alliance. He is also a founder of the CloudAudit projects and HacKid conference.

Thomas Bittman’s blog

Thomas Bittman’s blog, although not updated frequently, is a source of great insights and cloud trends. As a distinguished analyst with Gartner Research, known for inventing the term “real-time infrastructure” (2002), Bittman is the leading expert in cloud computing and virtualizations, and infrastructure expert.


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