Innovating Faster: How Tallium Can Help You Capitalize on Your Collective Intelligence

For some companies, innovation is just a buzzword. Their innovation process is siloed and it is inhibiting the organisation’s ability to profit from its collective expertise. To others, innovation is an integral part of the work process. They brainstorm internally, and they invest a lot of time and effort to encourage employees to come up with ideas, solutions and plans. 

Collaborative communities work best when participants can accumulate and recombine ideas, sharing information freely, regardless of their location, and software is intrinsic to this process. 

Many companies are now starting to focus on developing various types of cross-organizational innovation programs and if your organisation is one of them, you should read more about how TallyFox Tallium empowers communities to innovate.

Here's an example: 


Let us guide you through the background of the story. Here's what happens:

By creating a discussion in the group related to essential oils, Jeff is certain that all members of the group will receive notifications about the post, but he also knows that while tagging the post with correct terms our SmartMatchProTM algorithm will notify relevant experts who are not the members of this group. 

These members’ participation is driven by intrinsic motivations, such as the desire to polish one’s reputation in a community of peers and they willingly share their opinion and ideas with their co-workers. 

While they are participating, their Community Tally is growing, their ideas are viewed and voted on by many, and they are meeting new experts from various countries. They are creating knowledge, sharing it and growing their network.

By using TallyFox Tallium, the organisation has provided their members with a tool which will help them innovate faster, and in return allow the organisation to capitalise on its collective intelligence.

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