How Can Tallium Help You Simplify Your Customer Support?

Scaling the existing customer support model was always a challenge for big businesses, and so was streamlining internal communications in order to keep up with business growth. Merging the two needs together opened a sweet spot to introducing knowledge management into the support systems.

Creating a support network where employees are able to create a community is important for both employees who have access to all the information, and to the customers who have instant access to expertise. We are able to offer this with Tallium. Here’s how a simple question can be solved and create value.

TallyFox Support Improve Knowledge Management


When your customers can easily access answers to their problems, without picking up the phone, they feel empowered and appreciative. With Tallium, they feel more confident as they are able to see that actual experts are resolving their problems. They are also able to browse and find out more about your service or your product, which makes them a part of your community.
They are no longer people with problems, they are a valuable asset, and this is how you reinvent your support system.


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