4 Tools to Help You Track Your SMART Goals

What is the best way to set your goals?

One study found that people who wrote their goals and created an action plan, saw a 33 percent increase in the completion of those goals. That is, a specific goal-setting strategy is what helps people achieve their goals by 76 percent. Every business sets goals, but HOW goals are set and structured has a huge impact on accomplishing them.

For every business it’s time to get SMART.

SMART methodology, one of the most popular goal-setting frameworks, is a guide to creating reachable goals, that helps you prioritize marketing goals, identify weakness and strengths and track your activities and initiatives.

What each of the SMART attributes stands for?

S - Specific - If you are more precise about your goals, the more likely you will accomplish them.  Who? What? Why? When? Where? Start with answering these questions.

M - Measurable - Can you measure your goals? You need to be able to quantify your goals.

A - Attainable - Be realistic, that’s the only way you can be specific in determining your goals. What are the challenges you are facing? Determine those challenges and take small steps.

R - Relevant - When is the right time to take on a specific goal? Your goals need to align with where your business is going and to where it currently stands. The goals you set need to be relevant to you vision and values.

T - Time-bound - Set a deadline for your goals. By setting it, you can stay on track with your objectives.

So, how to make tracking your goals easier?

This is a list of few options you can explore.


Milestone Planner

Milestone Planner is a simple and powerful visual project management tool designed to help both groups and individuals work on tasks and projects, see the progress and measure their goals .  If you need to organize and measure goals for a group, you can easily assign tasks to others and get reports on how well they are doing. Drag and drop interface and color customization makes it easier to track overall progress of your milestones. The service offers a standard edition, which is free forever, but to unlock all features you can choose between professional, business and enterprise edition.


Golascape offers a number of visual features and reporting options - your goals are organized in “wheels”, by type, while the size of the wheel represents the relative importance of each goal. This way you can easily see which goals are more important than the others, and separate them by category. One can download an AIR app for Windows or MAC or use the web app. The software is pricy, so use a 14-day free trial to see if it fits your organization.

Goals On Track

The software teaches you how to create SMART goals in a very detailed way showing you how to easily achieve them by breaking them down into steps. It uses graphics, habit tracker, time tracker, journal, and various charts and reports to provide an easy way to see the progress. The downside is that there is no free version.


To-do list app Any.do is one of the great choices for tracking personal goals and day-to-day activities, but the app also offers numeorus features aimed for business to use and keep track of projects and team activities (voice notes, atatchments). One can synchronize work tasks and goals or use Chrome extension. The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, and the simplicity of the app helps you modify entries quickly. Event feature is especially useful because it allows you to associate tasks with events, add people to events, or a location.

How do you set and track your SMART goals?


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