The 10 Most Important Cloud Conferences to Visit

The interest in the cloud industry is growing, as technology is changing business landscape. If you wish to learn from experts, grow your business and network, see the 10 most important cloud conferences and events you should take part in.

The new event in the IP EXPO series, the UK and Europe’s leading Cloud and IT infrastructure event series, is IP EXPO Manchester, a two-day event that covers the latest trends and innovations in the IT and the cloud industry: Big Data, Cloud, Data Centres, Cyber security and more. The event gathers heads of IT, technology experts and engineers, CIOs, exhibitors and business leaders and is a great opportunity for networking and knowledge sharing.

Datacloud World Congress is a two-day congress and international exhibition focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities in cloud management, integration, security, IT procurement, data centre infrastructure, enterprise, and other topics and trends related to the cloud industry. The exhibition brings together major IT vendors, cloud service providers, data centre companies, engineering and operational managers, and inventors to discuss the latest trends. This is a unique opportunity to learn from expert speakers and business leaders. 

Cloud World Forum is a one-day event for professionals and decision makers to discuss the trends in the cloud industry and the future of the cloud, presenting the latest cloud solutions. It’s a meet up for CEOs, CIOs, CDOs, CMOs, HR, and Finance Directors to talk cloud, analytics, big data, security, collaboration and communication tools, and mobile and social technologies trends.


Cloud Expo  brings together the leaders from the industry, cloud delegates and vendors to meet and discuss trends, challenges and solutions in the cloud industry. As one of the widely known conferences on cloud computing, it brings together the best cloud professionals to discuss cloud computing and Big Data.  The conference offers general sessions, power panels, exhibitions, keynote speakers and more. It’s a must attend event for industry professionals.

The IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing  is an international forum for cloud researchers and practitioners, to discuss practices and the latest trends in cloud computing. It’s the largest forum that brings together professionals around the world to networks, share and asses the impact of cloud technology and offer solutions for better utilization. The  IEEE sponsors many annual conferences and events around the world, from training workshops, trade events, professional conferences, and job fairs.

CLOSER, the International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science, focuses on exploring cloud trends, cloud infrastructure, and services. It brings together professionals to discuss methods and techniques for designing, analysing, managing, and marketing various aspects of Cloud Computing. It covers the areas of mobile cloud computing and services, cloud computing platforms and applications, and cloud computing technology.

Cloud Connect Summit is the leading independent technology conference created for engineers, architects, CIOs/CTOs, business analysts, project managers, business stakeholders. A two-day event focuses on challenges, solutions and trends for cloud-enabled enterprises. The event is geared towards businesses who seek to get the best of cloud computing and leverage the cloud's resources and applications to outpace the competition.

CloudOpen is a conference focused on open source projects, products and technologies providing education and collaboration to those who wish to make use of open source cloud software. The conference offers more than 60 sessions (talks, tutorials, keynotes) that cover big data tools and platforms, cloud platforms, security, management and automation tools, storage and file systems, open source best practices, and more.

CloudCamp, the “unconference”, gathers leaders, professionals and strategists to exchange ideas and talk trends and challenges. Through active participation and open discussions, participants have a great opportunity to learn, network and contribute to various segments in the cloud industry.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is the world's leading organization focused on security in the cloud-computing environment.  The organization offers numerous conferences and events dedicated to security landscape in the cloud-computing era, presenting best practices and solutions. It brings together professionals, providers, entrepreneurs, associations, governments, to network and share knowledge, all to create and maintain a more secured cloud ecosystem.


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