10 LinkedIn Pulse Articles You Must Read

If you wish to learn more about collaboration tools and get better insights on the necessity of such tools in today’s businesses, you should read these articles as they will enrich your perspective.  We have chosen 10 articles we believe can help anyone better understand the collaborative technology, predict the future in the business related to collaboration tools and the process itself.

So here they are:

How Virtual Collaboration Is Changing the Game by Andre Baken, Founding Partner of Digital Oilfield Assessment Services (DOFAS)

We chose this article because it underlines the importance collaboration tools have on businesses outside the IT related industry, which only shows the vast amount of benefits a collaboration tool can have on your business. A must-read for everyone who doesn’t think that a collaboration tool is a necessity in this day and age and doesn't understand the advantages. Here are our favorite quotes:

"Oil & gas is not unique: every industry is now moving fast towards collaborative working, and that includes many sectors that have a well-earned reputation for being slow-moving and somewhat conservative when it comes to innovation."

"They certainly do NOT move to the target country, rent a property, recruit a large number of staff and go through the year or more of development work needed to get started.

No, they take their current processes as a virtual image and deploy this, with whatever variations local law makes necessary, in days. All support services are provided from a remote centre, which could be anywhere in the world. Result? They can be up and running in a week or two."


How Mass Collaboration Is Changing Everything by Alberto Villasana, Bilingual Pharmaceutical Professional

In this article, Alberto is telling us how Internet became a global collaboration platform where people are sharing their knowledge, dropping down collaboration costs and increasing value and has named great examples to illustrate this. Worth reading. Here's our favorite quote:

"These designers work virtually with the company using the Internet, and cars’ designs are not chosen by the designers, but by the company’s consumers."


Collaboration and the Benefits Thereof by  Huw Tindall, Senior Strategy Consultant  at Accenture UK

This author writes about the benefits of collaboration in the modern workplace, with a focus on financial services. There's also an interesting part on the history of collaboration. Worth a read. Here's our favorite quote: 

"We should care because digital technology has enabled unprecedented levels of collaboration. From email to video conferencing and instant messaging (remember the debates around productivity and instant messaging in the workplace?) through to advanced CRMs and Cloud enabled document collaboration, digital has changed the way we work. No debate here."


Cut Out To Improve Collaboration by Romeo Baertsoen, VP Strategic Marketing, Corporate AV at Barco

We've all known that sharing knowledge is key to succeed in this day and age, but many companies still have world-class experts and they don't fully benefit from their knowledge. In this article you will be able to read what are the current collaboration problems and how to resolve them. Here's our favorite quote:

"Companies that succeed, are the ones that succeed at getting their teams to work better together than others. Their degree of collaboration is what sets them apart from their less successful competitors."


A Collaboration strategy For You, For Me, For Us by Hector Maldonado, Technology Strategist and Cloud Development Consultant

Getting people to collaborate is not easy, and it may, in some cases, require a full strategy. We found one for you and here's our favorite quote:

"Introducing an incorrect set of tools and external professionals into a process increases the risk of inefficiencies creeping in, leading to a loss of credibility. Carefully plan external resources in advance by following a rational and well informed selection process; if help is necessary but the available options do not quite fit, evaluate delaying the objective pursuit to a future iteration."


Collaboration: six Common Misguided strategies by Mark Voorsanger,  Trainer at The Collaborative Operating System, Coach at Skyward Coaching

If you've come this far in reading this article, you've learned that businesses have acknowledged the importance of collaboration and are trying to boost it. There are strategies that work and those that don't. In this article, the ones that don't always give you the right result have been mentioned, so be careful when encouraging collaboration. As we here at TallyFox produce collaboration spftware and knowledge networks, here's the quote we liked:

"In truth, collaboration software alone is unlikely to shift company culture at all. If, for example, the existing culture is one where information is kept tightly guarded, where fear is a primary motivator, or where fault-finding and blaming are commonplace, new tools will not eliminate those characteristics."

 The Power Of Collaboration by Anil Nair, Managing Director & CEO at AGC Networks Ltd.

This is probably the most straightforward article on collaboration you will find, written from a perspective of a CEO from an Indian company. Great insight. Here's our favorite quote:

"When you become the CEO, you realize that the company’s success is incumbent on teams being able to work collaboratively to produce the results that owners, significant and minority shareholders, principals and partners all seek and what must be achieved to serve the aspirations of employees."


Why Innovation Needs Networking-Based Collaboration by Nico Marzian,  Consultant for Interconnected Collaboration

Here's our favorite quote:

"Industry 4.0 is about to interconnect industrial processes via networks and as such processes are still not fully automated but also heavily relying on manpower there is no way that people with their interdisciplinary functions in those industries should not be wired likewise."

Why? We believe that knowledge networks are the future of collaboration. Take The Water Network for example; a collaborative space used for greater good, joining world's leading experts in this field enabling them to share knowledge and solve problems. We are glad that other experts think the same. 

Collaboration Is Dead. Long Live symbiosis by Colin Shaw, Founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy

This is an interesting angle to collaboration, offering an alternative (or is it really an alternative?). It's definitely worth a read and here's our favorite quote:

"Many organizations talk about collaboration as this is the pinnacle of how they should work....Collaboration is non-committal; it’s transitory. Symbiosis is real commitment. This is where the real future lies."

Collaboration - Ramblings Of a Collaborator by Benvir Padda,  a Technologist

We are going to finish our story with this great article noting the things we've all come to contact with.

He summed it up perfectly “We have empowered users just to collaborate more; not to collaborate better”

And you? How do you view collaboration? Let us know in the comments below. 


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