Press Release: Industry Insight Offering



TallyFox Website Combines Thought-Leaders' Insights
On Cloud Collaboration & Knowledge Management



ZURICH, 20.06.2013 - As the social media revolution is causing the most significant business transformation of the last half-century, knowledge workers struggle to understand how they and their organizations can benefit from these new technologies. TallyFox recognized the need for integrated knowledge, and now provides an aggregation of industry insights on Cloud Collaboration, Online Education, and Project, Event & Knowledge Management.  Our industry insights are delivered by:

  • An Insights blog, which integrates posts from leading experts in this sector, as well as TallyFox’s tips and "Roadmap Toward Intelligent Collaboration" series.
  • A calendar of top international events covering topics such as cloud computing, online collaboration, CRM, project and knowledge management.
  • Social media feeds from hand-picked industry experts.

“We are delighted to answer the need for integrated insights where experts' views are consolidated to help organizations explore solutions for their particular use case”, states Trudi Schifter, TallyFox Founder & CEO. “ Our vision is to go beyond providing social business solutions, by also sharing best practices and ultimately building a knowledge bank for our clients and the community at large”. 


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