Clusters: Awarded Trend-Setting Product by KMWorld

ZURICH, 10.07.2013 - KMWorld -the leading publisher, conference organizer, and information provider serving the knowledge, content, and document management markets- announced this week that “Clusters”, TallyFox’s custom-branded workspaces for Project & Knowledge management, have been chosen as one of the Trend-Setting Products of 2013. Selected by editors, clusters will be showcased in KMWorld’s Annual Trend-Setting Products Issue this September. TallyFox's Cluster online collaboration solution integrates content sharing, communications, and collaboration features to build a knowledge bank and community intelligence. Clusters are designed to help knowledge managers easily find people and track content related to specific expertise and know-how. 
"Tallyfox's Cluster was selected by the panel because it demonstrates thoughtful, well-reasoned innovation and execution for the most important constituency of them all: the customer”, explained Hugh McKellar, KM World Editor in Chief.
 “KMWorld focuses on technologies and process trends, which help move the knowledge management industry forward. As such, we’re proud and honoured that Clusters have been selected as a Trend-Setting product", stated Trudi Schifter, Founder & CEO, TallyFox. "This recognition emphasises our increasing leadership position in the industry, as we are now hosting three high-level interactive workshops in London and Frankfurt with some of the world's leading Knowledge Management practitioners".
For KMWorld's article, please click here

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